Our Company

At Rylee Ann Apartments, we have been serving the Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Quincy, Chelan and Cashmere areas for more than 15 years. Our reputation as a property management company has grown as people have encountered our dedication to hard work and personalized service.

Our company was founded on the ideals of serving our clients with personalized service that would help make their entire rental property experience an enjoyable one. We love calling Washington home and we believe that the people in our region deserve high-quality rental services.

We offer different types of properties, including our multifamily site and a few single family residences. We pride ourselves on being involved with our residents so that we are intimately familiar with their needs and what they want to see in a property management company. Our phone lines are always open to our clients and our prospective clients. We are always interested in learning more about how we can help with the rental process.